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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Power of Words

I was reading Kandee Johnson's blog post and she has this video up on her blog that was so inspiring. The video also brought tears to my eyes. Tears wouldn't stop falling after the video ends. Watch it yourself and tell me that words are not powerful.


This video helps me explain what I did last weekend. As you all know, LA county has the highest number of homeless and homeless families. The boyfriend and I went to a meeting with the MVP (Most Value Person) group on Sunday. The group is a new start up non-profit organization to help feed the homeless in Los Angeles County. Our mission is to reduce hunger in LA families. Errol Santos was the first who started this mission in 2009. He was on the Asian Journal newspaper. CLICK HERE for the online article. The first meeting went great as we were all new to this project. Everyone who showed up, including co-founder the staff were in our 20s.
Our first project is on April 23, 2011. We will meet at a certain location and spread out to give food out to the homeless in a certain area. We can't wait for it.
I will update with more information and pictures as we go along with this project and the organization.

<3 Until then.

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