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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: ELF Candid Coral Blush Dupe for NARS Orgasm Blush.

Hi gals,

This is another review this week for one of my favorite blush, Elf Studio Blush in Candid Coral. I have heard many good reviews on this awesome and cheap blush, also nearly compare to our famous NARS blush in Orgasm. I do not own a NARS Orgasm because it's sooo expensive for a blush. After found out about this ELF Studio Blush line. I went to my local Target and hunt down all the blushes I can get.

I finally found the awesome Candid Coral. Check it out yourself and tell me if you think they are dupe or not.

Picture is not mine. Credit to NARS blush in Orgasm.

My ELF blushes in (Left to right, top to bottom): Fushia Fusion, Tickled Pink and Candid Coral. Sorry I don't have a close up picture. I'll take one when I get home from work tonight. :D

In my opinion, NARS Orgasm is a bit darker and more shimmer than ELF Candid Coral. I think if you add a bit hint of ELF Tickled Pink blush and Candid Coral, it will look 99% dupe to NARS Orgasm. However, they are very alike on their own. I will soon do a review on all my ELF Studio Blushes in another post. I love ELF blushes. They are cheap ($3 at your local Target and online) compare to NARS (sephora: $27). It is 9 times cheaper than NARS and they last as long too. If you are on a beauty budget like me, I highly highly suggest to buy ELF Studio Blushes before buying NARS Orgasm because not everyone likes NARS Orgasm.

Comment below and tell me what you think. I'm planning to buy the duo bronze set from ELF. I heard it's a dupe for NARS Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo in Orgasm/ Laguna.

<3 Until Then.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara

Today I have a review for you. I've been looking for a good drug store mascara for watery/oily eyelid. I found one that is so far so good for drug store cosmetics, The Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara!

Pros: Super Waterproof, dry fast. It gives you the falsie looking lashes. It also lengthen your lashes a bit and holds curl all day.

Cons: Because it's super waterpoof and dry fast, it makes it harder to apply and easy to clumps. It's pretty expensive for a drug store mascara ($6 to $8 target. compare to other mascaras from other drug store brands). It's really hard to get out. I have to try to apply makeup remover first then warm water after. The wand is HUGE! Really really big, it's hard to get every single lashes. 

 These are my lashes after 12 hours and after ONLY 1 coat, no retouch!

My opinion: I do like this mascara a lot! I only need to apply one coat on each eye (after curling them) and they stay all day! I like to use it when I have to wear glasses to work. I need it to keep its curl so it doesn't hit my glasses and mess up my vision. lol. It does lengthen my tiny Asian lashes a bit but its volume job is excellent!   It's just such a hassle to remove it at night, especially when I get home, tired from work.

I like the formula but not so much for the wand. I give it a 3.5 out of 5, it's worth buying when you want to try out new mascara but I don't think I have found the best mascara yet.

If you have tried this before, please leave comment below and let me know how you like or dislike it. :D

<3 Until then.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Food: Kuma Sushi! one of LA Best Sushi.

YUM!! Sushi!

My boyfriend and I had a chance to visit Kuma Sushi last weekend. Kuma Sushi located in the heart of the newly fashionable Atwater-village district of Los Angeles. We had been eye-ing this restaurant since last year but we kept going to somewhere else for sushi instead. :T
What catch our eyes were the water fountain in front of their restaurant (first pix) and their happy hour from 3pm to 7pm.  So, to express our love for sushi and went inside for our first time, finally.

The decoration and lighting were nicely set, their welcome service was great. We wanted to try out this restaurant before we make our real sushi order, therefore we ordered items on their happy hour first. We got 2 salmon sushi, 1 spicy tuna roll, 1 eel avocado roll, 1 crunchy roll, 1 sushi burrito, 1 Chinese chicken salad, and ice green tea.

I was too hungry to remember to take the rest of the food.. except for the sushi burrito and the spicy tuna roll. :(

Spicy Tuna Roll

Sushi Burrito: I believe it has asparagus, crap meat, crunchy stuff and wrap with soy paper.

I personally love sushi for its sushi better than the rolls, if it makes any sense to you. I had a pleasure trying out other so called  Best sushi in La such as SugarFish on San Vicente Blvd, Katsu-Ya sushi, Geisha House, before. In my opinion, Kuma Sushi is so far ranking almost better than Geisha House.  

My thoughts: The restaurant has nice decoration, really good service. I recommend this restaurant for a couple on their dates because they have candle lights for dinner time.  I felt in love with Kuma Sushi Salmon Sushi, I had to order the second one. Their sushi are fresh. The cuts of my salmon was perfect, not too meaty or too much fat. I know what I like and how I like my sushi. LOL
Overall, I give Kuma Sushi 3.5 stars out 5. I give it a 3.5 because I only had a chance to try their happy hour menu, which already costs us $52.00. However, with their happy hour, it's a bit costly. Our sugarFISH bill was around $130 for regular menu. Well the sushi burrito was not on their happy hour menu but we ordered it anyway because the name sounds so interesting to us. hehe. It was not as good as we expected. The mixture of everything was just too much for my tongue to figure out what I like from the "burrito".

If we have a chance to visit Kuma Sushi again, I would love to try all of their special plate, Sushi and Sashimi and maybe I can give it a better stars, or maybe I'll change my mind and give it lesser stars? who knows. :)

<3 Until Then,

P.s. This post is not sponsor by Kuma Sushi, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Deals: FREE Deluxe Sample of Victoria Secret New Dream Angels Perfume Exp 4/18/11

Victoria Secret is now giving out free deluxe sample of their new launch Dream Angels perfume.

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<3 Until next time!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Power of Words

I was reading Kandee Johnson's blog post and she has this video up on her blog that was so inspiring. The video also brought tears to my eyes. Tears wouldn't stop falling after the video ends. Watch it yourself and tell me that words are not powerful.


This video helps me explain what I did last weekend. As you all know, LA county has the highest number of homeless and homeless families. The boyfriend and I went to a meeting with the MVP (Most Value Person) group on Sunday. The group is a new start up non-profit organization to help feed the homeless in Los Angeles County. Our mission is to reduce hunger in LA families. Errol Santos was the first who started this mission in 2009. He was on the Asian Journal newspaper. CLICK HERE for the online article. The first meeting went great as we were all new to this project. Everyone who showed up, including co-founder the staff were in our 20s.
Our first project is on April 23, 2011. We will meet at a certain location and spread out to give food out to the homeless in a certain area. We can't wait for it.
I will update with more information and pictures as we go along with this project and the organization.

<3 Until then.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Deals: Website Deals Part 1

Hi shoppers,

Today I want to share with you all on the websites where I often go to for great deals.

1) Groupon. I love this website because it has great new deals everyday on food, travel, massage, and even your local activities. You can refer your friend to sign up and you will get $10 on their first purchase. Go to  Groupon to sign up.

2) LivingSocial. Living Social is similar to Groupon. However they have lesser daily deals but they do have awesome getaway deals! They have different deals everyday, so you have to check those sites daily to catch the deals that you want. Another special thing about LivingSocial is when you buy a deal, they will give you a "special" link to refer your friends (or anyone); and if 3 of those who make their purchase on the item you refer to them through your link, YOUR DEAL IS FREE!!! It worked for me. I once bought $9 for TWO movies tickets from Fandango (edward) and 3 of my friends made their purchase through my special link. Therefore my deal was free for me! YAY! Check it out Living Social

3) Printable-coupon. My favorite to go for printable coupons is That website updates daily with the most current and updated printable coupons from cosmetics, food to retail stores. The link is

4) Retailmenot. This website is the first place where I go to for coupon code when I make my online purchase. They have tons of different codes for you to try to get discount, free items or even free shipping! Retail Me Not

5) Ebates. Going to the online subject matters, I want to introduce to you another awesome way of saving. Ebates. Check out and sign up for Ebates account to get cash back on your online purchase. For example, when you first sign up, they will give you a bonus deal which is either a gift card to Target, Home Depot, Barns and Nobles,.. or even Ebates money. It takes less than 15 seconds to join. In additional to that, when you search for the websites through Ebates such as sephora, ebay, visiondirect, Jcpenny, Home Depot, Groupon, Sears.. and many many more. The cash back ranges from 2% to 10%. Ebates also offer daily deal. That means they give double cash back on certain websites daily for your own shopping pleasure. I got my cash back within 2 months of shopping online (I don't do much shopping line now-a-day) I will post up my rebate and my bonus Target give card in later post. :D  So don't wait and sign up for Ebates account at

6) Jessica Coupons. Jessica Coupon is one of the daily update web page on deals for both online and in-store. She has really good and interest ways to save. She updates on deals even before they post up on their website! She's good like that. I love her bog and I learned a lot from her. Check out her page at Jessica Coupons

When I want to make my purchase on Sephora, what I usually do is to go to my ebates account, search for, click on sephora link to get my cash back from ebates, go to retailmenot website on another tab window, search for coupon codes, enter my information and coupon code then make my purchase. I then get cash back from sephora, cash back from my credit card, free items from sephora and my sephora products! EASY??? YES! I did it, You can do it too!!

There are other websites you can check out such as , Beyondtherack, Ideeli, Rue LaLa...

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<3 Until Then :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amazing weekend with my BFFs


Sorry for lack of posts. I have been sick and waiting patiently for my interview result. I hope it's positive.

My BFF, Lili, came back to celebrate her birthday for the weekend. I booked a gondola on Friday night for us to enjoy a girls night out before our dinner talk. :D I know I'm such a romantic person right. teeheehee

Saturday night was the real celebration. We went to Avec Night Club in Huntington Beach with few of her friends. I wanted to get away from all the worries and waiting for my school's calls. (I am still waiting for their calls *sniffsniff*). It was a fun night. We all missed my dear friend, Jenny (she also has a blog here Dream World.) Jenny is my partner in crime from tea parties to clubbing nights. I really enjoy a girl night out with my girls, even if it's just a tea meeting.

P.s.My makeup were all smeared after 3 hours of dancing the night away. lol

<3 Until Then.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Just a thought

Last weekend was my ultimate decision..Well... it's not so much a decision, it's more like my realization. I realized that I am definitely too old for going parties and clubbing and going home at 3 am. My poor body cannot handle the wildness that my mind still linger from when I turned 21. My body ached, I feel bloated and very tired from what supposed to be a fun night.
As a girl, I love to dress up, get pamper, put makeup on to go out, whether with my girls or with the boyfriend, yet the 26-years-old- side of me is telling me to dress down, be more casual and more professional.
I went to a club last weekend with my gals and other younger girls (21 to 24.. and I am turning 26 soon). I felt like I cannot go crazy as when I was their age. Something inside of me stop me from going wild. Perhaps I miss my partner in crime a.k.a. Jenny? Perhaps the alcohol was not yet reach my busy mind? I had a lot of thoughts as I dance my night away. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy going out and have fun at the club with my girls. It's just the old feeling wasn't there anymore. I felt as if I don't really belong there as much as the younger generation.
*sigh* another stage that a girl has to go through.

<3 until then