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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amazing weekend with my BFFs


Sorry for lack of posts. I have been sick and waiting patiently for my interview result. I hope it's positive.

My BFF, Lili, came back to celebrate her birthday for the weekend. I booked a gondola on Friday night for us to enjoy a girls night out before our dinner talk. :D I know I'm such a romantic person right. teeheehee

Saturday night was the real celebration. We went to Avec Night Club in Huntington Beach with few of her friends. I wanted to get away from all the worries and waiting for my school's calls. (I am still waiting for their calls *sniffsniff*). It was a fun night. We all missed my dear friend, Jenny (she also has a blog here Dream World.) Jenny is my partner in crime from tea parties to clubbing nights. I really enjoy a girl night out with my girls, even if it's just a tea meeting.

P.s.My makeup were all smeared after 3 hours of dancing the night away. lol

<3 Until Then.

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  1.'s good that you had fun at Lili's b-day party. Yeah, I miss you, too. Hopefully, I'll come back and visit you soon. <3 ^_~