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Monday, April 4, 2011

Just a thought

Last weekend was my ultimate decision..Well... it's not so much a decision, it's more like my realization. I realized that I am definitely too old for going parties and clubbing and going home at 3 am. My poor body cannot handle the wildness that my mind still linger from when I turned 21. My body ached, I feel bloated and very tired from what supposed to be a fun night.
As a girl, I love to dress up, get pamper, put makeup on to go out, whether with my girls or with the boyfriend, yet the 26-years-old- side of me is telling me to dress down, be more casual and more professional.
I went to a club last weekend with my gals and other younger girls (21 to 24.. and I am turning 26 soon). I felt like I cannot go crazy as when I was their age. Something inside of me stop me from going wild. Perhaps I miss my partner in crime a.k.a. Jenny? Perhaps the alcohol was not yet reach my busy mind? I had a lot of thoughts as I dance my night away. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy going out and have fun at the club with my girls. It's just the old feeling wasn't there anymore. I felt as if I don't really belong there as much as the younger generation.
*sigh* another stage that a girl has to go through.

<3 until then

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