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Monday, March 7, 2011

Stila is on sale on Hautelook!

Stila is known for their high-quality formula and texture eye shadow such as kitten and beautiful lipgloss! Kitten is one of my all time favorite, daily eye shadow! I am here to inform (those who didn't know) and remind (to those who already knew) that Stila is on sale on Hautelook starting tomorrow 8 am PST! I own so many of their beautiful palettes and I even have a post about their long lasting eyeliner! I cannot wait to see what Hautelook has to offer. If they have my holy grail eyeliner on sale, I will definitely snatch some to stock up! They always out of stock at my local Sephora and Ulta!

Here is my invite link - HauteLook Invite. If you don't want to use my invite (I believe you will get $10 off on your first purchase also), you can click on here for their normal link Get it before they are all gone!!

<3 Until Then


  1. is their gel liners good? MAC's dry out too fast and Clinique is not black enough. Heard BB is good but haven't tried.

  2. I like BB gel liner. But as for liquid eyeliner, Stila is the winner.

  3. btw, Stila gel liner lasts much longer than the liquid once they're dry. I also had a mac gel liner. It was horrible! It dried out like couple months after i first used it. I hated it.