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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hi world,

My boyfriend has been pushing me to do something with my interest in makeup, my collection of makeup and my love for fashion. Hi, my name is Bao and this will be my first blog about my hobbies and my life revolving the beautiful colors of makeup!

I do not want to start a youtube channel (cause i'm a big chicken >__<) so why not a blog? :)

My hobbies are getting great deals (on whatever it is), collecting makeups, youtube, travel, hair styles, online shopping, healthy diets, cooking, photography, and oh did I mention Youtube? I literally spend more than 5 hours of my life daily on youtube watching makeup and hair tutorials.

I hope I can get more readers on my blog and we all can share our experiences with makeup!

<3 until then.

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  1. I am glad you started a blog! I just found it today and absolutely love it and am now following you! Will you follow me, please?