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Monday, March 7, 2011

God of War 3 - a newbie version of view.

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Hi beautiful,
It's another beautiful week! Last weekend my boyfriend and I had been spending most of our time playing video games, the God of War III. My boyfriend is a designer. He design whatever you can think of such as cars, robots, films and so on. Lately he has been wanting to hit the gaming market and I think it is an excellent idea! I believe the game industry will never go down as long as there are good games continue develop.

Even though it was an easy weekend for us but we spent so much hard time trying to get through this weekend (mostly to get through God of War's stages). My boyfriend got back from the Game Development Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on Saturday morning at 7am! Poor guy had to practically stayed up the whole night waiting for his flight. Long story short, he and his friend did not want to rent a motel to save money. LOL Such a sweet guy himself, bought me a new Guess clutch, which he knows I would totally adore! Thank you love, if you're reading this.After he got back from GDC, he passed out and we spent half a day at home for him to rest. I can tell he was really tired from all the traveling and networking.

Sunday, we went to Golden West Swapmeet to look around for road bikes for our next adventures. We did find some interesting stuff but we decided to wait for more deals. I myself found a lot of interesting stuff! I found this stand where they sell everything for $1! Yes that's right, EVERYTHING for $1 dollar! I will update as soon as I get my camera cable back. They carry from baby hairbands to rings, to cosmetics and nail polishes. I picked up this awesome swan necklace that I cannot wait to show you guys! I also picked up more poppy pins (those seem to be MIA in like every month!)
After the swapmeet, we went back home for more God of War 3. :D It is an awesome game! I love the graphic, the background music, and it has very interesting story! Our dinner was at one of my favorite place,  Kula rotation sushi bar in Irvine. We got 85 degree drinks while waiting for our names to be called at Kula. Kula is a restaurant with rotation sushi bar that charge you by plate. This place is pretty cheap compare to the other decent sushi bar around the area. It's $2.00 for a plate of sushi including hand rolls.Basically everything is $2.00, except for their new items, the soups. Of course after dinner, we head back home and continue our God of War journey until almost midnight!

I had a very fun and interesting weekend but also very tired as well! I am heading to bed now. I promise to update more pictures as soon as I get my camera cable back from boyfriend's house. :D
I hope all of you have a pleasant week.

<3 Until Then.

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