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Friday, March 4, 2011

Banana Diet

This is an old post of me trying out on the banana diet for a month. I want to re-post this for Jennifer from EmJustLikeYou. I hope this helps.

Have anyone heard of Banana diet? Apparently it was a very famous, simplest diet that caused banana shortage in Japan in 2008.

After found out about this diet last night, I decided to do some research. I was amazed how many positive feedback with no negative feedback whatsoever about this diet.

The steps are simple...
* Two bananas in the morning with room temperature water
* Anything you want for lunch and supper
* One snack at 3:00 PM
* Nothing to eat after 8:00 PM
* Go to bed no later than midnight.

It's basically make you eat the most healthiest meal of the day is breakfast and keep you off snacking junk food. The warm room temperature can help the banana burns fat from your body. Some claimed to lose 5 lbs to 30 lbs... and some even said they lost 50 lbs! Is it even possible? UHmm we shall see.
check out these websites for more info.
also there are many youtube videos about this morning banana diet.
This video inspired me to start the diet ASAP.
This morning, I went to the store and got myself tons of bananas for this week and next week if it's possible. I, myself is not too fond of banana. I do not like the texture, the taste nor the color of it... But if this diet works, I'll push myself to do it. ;)
I'll give myself 2 weeks of eating bananas and I'll update with you guys how it works.
It sounds easy but a person who hates banana... it is hard... But a girl gotta do whatever it takes to look pretty, right?
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to say it below. Thank you.

Result: I lost around 5 pounds within 2 to 3 weeks. :) I stopped doing it after a month (because I reached my weight ideal goal) and I believed I lost around 7 lbs within a month with this healthy diet. My boyfriend also tried this out and he said it worked wonder. BUT! however, my recommend to you is to eat banana for morning and an apple or an orange for snack fruit because if you consume too much banana, you will get constipated. >__< Just a head-up.

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  1. haha constipated! I will try and let my bf try too! Thanks bao bao!

  2. lol yes it really happen! LOL okay let me know. :)

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