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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Update! 11/22/11

Hi there,

Long time!!!! Sorry I have been MIA for the longest time. I was super busy with school and work. I wanted to finish with all my school work by the end of November and my work projects by before the last day of my job. I decided to quit my job because my boyfriend and I planned to take our first Asia Trip this December.  We will be traveling to Hawaii first and then head to our first destination of our Asia Trip.

Our first stop would be Taipei, Taiwan. I cannot wait to go back to Taiwan. I was there for about 10 months on a study abroad scholarship and Taiwan definitely touched my heart!

The next stop would be our home country, Vietnam. I hope we could stay a bit longer but because of our budget, we can only stay there for two weeks. :(  After Vietnam, we will be going to Beijing, China. I literally super excited for China. I have never been to China and ever since I was young, I fancy about going to China to see the Great Wall. And now, it's like a dream come true! LOL

Hong Kong is our last destination for our first Asia Trip. I have been to Hong Kong couple times and IT IS the one of the countries that one must visit. There are so many amazing things in Hong Kong that Westerners, like myself will never experience (if you haven't been out of the country, that is). Hong Kong is pretty much like Singapore (that's what I heard) but not as clean. However it has the uniqueness such as the Avenue of Stars, Symptom of Lights, Giant Buddha, etc. that no other country has. I can't wait to take my boyfriend around Hong Kong. He speaks Cantonese, so perhaps he will be the one who takes me around. LOL

I will be sure to update with you guys with pictures and details once the date of my trip is coming.

<3 until then. 

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