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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May Haul (my first haul post)

Hi beauties,

I had a chance to visit the old town Santa Barbara, CA with my boyfriend during May for our 2nd year anniversary. It was a relaxing small get away from the busy city. While relaxing myself there, I managed to grab some goodies before and on the trip.

Click on the pictures for bigger size.

And now the break down: 

I think this is one of the best things I bought so far this year. I saw Michelle Phan, the famous makeup guru from Youtube, wore one of these in her video. I was jaw dropping, drool over that cool looking ring (or finger wrapper?). I wanted one of these. 

I found this baby at a store called "The closet" in old town Santa Barbara. If you don't know what The Closet is all about, it's basically a second hand store. They buy back brand names or good used items and resell with a cheaper price for us second hand deal grabbers. I got this baby for $9.00 plus tax. It was a steal! 
 Did I say I love this?? well I will say it again! I LOVEE LOVEE IT!

I bought these ELF palettes from Target for $5 each to try out and perhaps I can make a "weekly" look post using these cheap palettes. They are pretty good so far. I'm liking it! For $5.00 with all those colors!? YES PLEASE!

Left: NYC in 309B sheer red at Target on sale for $0.86
Middle: NYX lip smacking in summer love at Fashion District for $1.50
Right: Stila lip & cheek stain in Acai Crush at Nordstrom Rack for $5.00

I really like NYC lipstick. The color is nice, stays about an hour or two and the price is definitely a keeper.  I'm not too fond of the NYX lipstick. It washed away my lips and makes my face very pale. Maybe I could find a good coral lip gloss to top over it. 
I seriously scare of using the Stila Lip & Cheeks stain because it's really red and it doesn't come off! It stayed on my lips for days! I swear. It just did not come off! I also tried it on my cheeks and Oh-Em-Gee, I have blush-y red cheeks for about 24 hours+. I will sure do a review and swatches on it if you guys want me to.

Boyfriend bought me this awesome shirt!!! It was only for $15.00. The brand is Romeo and Juliet Couture. It's a pretty long short, or maybe it's long for me because I'm only 5' tall. I wear this shirt with a skinny jeans and thin belt to define my curve and end it with a black pump. I may would add a long necklace with it too. The best thing about this shirt is its shoulder. Check this out.

The shoulder is padded with this awesome silver looking things that make a simple (cheap) shirt into a very fashionable shirt! I usually wear shirts in XS or S but I got this in Medium because I want to wear it as an off-shoulder shirt for summer. It's a nice dress up shirt or casual shirt.

I also went to Walmart and got some goodies. I have to be honest with you that I have a love and hate relationship with Walmart. Their prices are good but some things there are just too shady! I will go into details when I get a chance to do the Walmart haul for you guys.

Thank you for reading! Remember, when my blog hit 50 readers, I have another giveaway for you guys. :D Come back and check often!

<3 Until Then.

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