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Friday, June 17, 2011

June Haul: Costco and Walmart Haul

Hi beauties,

I went to Costco and Walmart the other day to get some supplies for my boyfriend's trip and my cosmetic needs. Here are the things I got.
I got the OFF! insect repellent for my boyfriend. He'll be on Utah hiking trip with his friends for 5 days. I'm sure there will be bugs and insects around him and I don't want him to come back with tons of bug bites on his body. lol.

I headed to Walmart after Costco because I was running out of makeup wipes and I remember Walmart has this awesome makeup wipes that comparable to Loreal (? or was it Olay?) but for fraction of the price! It comes with 2 packs and each pack has 120 wipes for $6 dollars! I've been using it and it's pretty good so far.
I also heard about this Kirkland makeup wipes that Costco carry but I haven't use it so I didn't want to risk it. And the Equate makeup from Walmart is a bit cheaper. hehe

During April and May, I have very strong allergies and it causes my nose to dry. In addition to that, the weather is so dry lately and it damaged my skin even more. I decided to pick up Cetaphil daily moisturizer. I heard many good review about this. I also remember seeing on a magazine that some celebrity was carrying this in her bag... I forgot who it was... Anyway, I started using it for a week and I did see dramatic change on my face! It has SPF 15, so it was a good double deal for me. I apply it before I put on my foundation and keep reapply the Cetaphil every 30 mins or so throughout the day. (That's how dry my skin is!) After a week, my skin is so much smoother, even smoother than my skin before it was dry! I love it soo much! I'm sure I'll be buying some more for back up. :D

I was so sure I did not have anymore Q-Tip at home, so I picked up the Equate, comparable to Q-Tip for half the price! I went home, open the package out and divided it into three because I share it with my brother and my cousin at home... and I found out that I just bought a pack of Q-Tip couple weeks ago. :( YAY for my great memory! But then now I know I wont be  purchasing Q-tip any time soon!

One of my favorite to go foundation is Maybelline dream smooth mousse. I picked up one at Walmart as well. Without checking for the unopened package or if it was the last one.. I went ahead and buy it...

I went home and I found this!!!

OH-EM-GEE! Someone had open it and used it in the store!!! I was pissed, disgusted and sooo mad at whoever did it and also at Walmart! Who the heck test out an item like that and put it back. It was not even at its original location! I mean the sponge is in the bottom of the damn foundation! HELLO?? ARgHH
I got so mad, I went back to Walmart before work right the next day. They gave me a look like "Who bitch you did this and you want to return it?" I gave her a look back that should say "Your lazy ass so lazy to get it restock and check your damn shelves and now I want my refund or exchange!" I didn't technically say it but I was super mad. I told the cashier the whole story and said I just wanted to exchange. She said this was the last one and asked me if I wanted to get it in another color... HELLO?? Don't you know that you have to use foundation that matches your skin? ARgH stupid conversation that lasted for 15 minutes! I have this love and hate relationship with Walmart. I love their cheap prices but I hate the irresponsible shoppers! Or maybe the lazy workers. Argh. Don't get me wrong, not all Walmart is like that but I'm sure the Walmart near my house is just like that. >:(
I then went to the cosmetic section and got the powder one instead. I remember MissGlamorazzi really liked this powder. So I picked it up for an exchange. I like it so far. I'll be sure to do a review about it for you guys.

That's it for now. Check back for more review, hauls and saving tips!

<3 Until then.

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